Smart Angel Baby Training Cups/Mugs (Mini) – 150mL

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Perfect for the first straw mug!

Compact with foldable handle.

Capacity: 150ml

Product name Baby Mug MINI 150mL
How to use : 1. Open the cap, pour the drink inside and close it.
2. To drink, slide open the slide cover and drink from the drinking spout.
3. When you have finished drinking, close the slide cover tightly all the way to the end.
Caution Do not tilt the bottle while the slide cover is open. The drink inside may spill out of the straw.
Do not microwave with drinks in it.
This product is not completely sealed. Please carry the product upright to avoid spilling drinks.
Materials Polypropylene, Silicone rubber
Manufacturing country CHINA
Material Heat-resistant temperature Cold-resistant temperature Sterilization by boiling Chemical Sterilization Microwave
Bottle Silicone rubber 120°C -20°C
Slide cover
Handle fixing pin
Straw spout Silicone rubber 140°C