Smart Angel Disposable Waterproof/Absorbent Sheets – 60x90cm

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Absorbs about 2 times of baby’s urine (150cc according to our measurement method)

size : 60×90cm Larger size – 10pcs

Safe to use even for older children. When you’re concerned about absorbing urine leaks or food spills, you can rest assured that this one piece absorbs well, is waterproof, and won’t leak easily!!

Product name Disposable Waterproof Sheets (Waterproof) 60*90
Caution Please use waterproof sheets without cutting them.
Keep out of reach of children to prevent accidental ingestion or choking.
Do not use the packaging bag as a toy for children.
If you notice any skin problems, discontinue use immediately.
If waterproof sheets are placed near fire, they may catch fire.
This product does not dissolve. Do not flush it down the toilet.
Materials PP/Paper, Pulp, SAP/PE
Manufacturing country CHINA

MaterialsPP/Paper, Pulp, SAP/PE

Manufacturing countryCHINA