Smart Angel Nursing Pads 120 Pieces

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・Gentle and safe for the skin.

・Provides comfort to the skin with excellent breathability.

・Easy to peel off with a large release paper.

・Improved size of double anti-leakage tape for better fit (our previous product: 118% larger).

・High-absorbency polymer ensures reliable absorption, leak-proof and comfortable experience.

・Soft fit with double-sided gathers.

・Individually wrapped in non-woven fabric.

・Recommended to replace breast pads after each breastfeeding

Product name Nursing Pads/Breast Pads 120 Pieces
How to use Open the package from the sealed part.
Remove the release paper.
With the anti-slip tape on the bra side and the gathers on the side, attach this product to the chest.
Caution Please replace the breastfeeding pad after each feeding. If there is a large amount of milk, replace the pads as needed.
If the product does not agree with your skin, discontinue use.
Do not flush down the toilet.
Keep out of reach of children and dispose of immediately after use.
When using the product, please be careful that children do not put it in their mouths.
Do not store in direct sunlight or at high temperatures.
Materials Pulp, Non-woven PP fabric, Polymer absrobent, PE film, Adhesive tape, PU, Synthetic rubber adhesive
Manufacturing country CHINA

Product Type: Breast Pads

Material: Outer packaging: PE, Individual packaging: PP

120 pieces (individual packaging: 1 piece)