Smart Angel Disposable Baby Apron – (2 layer)

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Disposable apron convenient for going out, cute fruit pattern.
Great value! Comes in a 30pcs pack and also in a larger capacity type with 60pcs.
Product name: Disposable Baby Apron (2 layer)
How to use : 1. Turn the surface pocket inside out to create a pocket to catch spills.
2. Cut off the collar along the perforated line and peel off the tape. Place the tape over the receiving sticker according to the child’s neck size.
Caution: ・Do not use near fire or in high temperatures.
・Keep out of reach of children.
・If the apron becomes soiled, replace it as soon as possible.
・Please make sure that the neck is not too tight when using.
・For hygienic and functional reasons, please replace it after each use. It cannot be reused.
・Do not apply adhesive tape directly to the skin.
Materials:  Paper, PE
Manufacturing country: CHINA

Materials : Paper, PE

Manufacturing country : CHINA