Smart Angel Baby Cotton Swab (Adhesive Type) – 60 Swabs

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– Ring-shaped cotton balls, specially designed for cleaning the ear cavity, can easily take out the earwax and dirt in the ear
– It can also remove dirt from the nose
– The viscous material is non-toxic and does not harm the skin, and the paper shaft can be bent freely without breaking
– Made of antibacterial cotton balls, avoid breeding of bacteria and causing infection
– Individually packaged for hygiene

Product name Baby Cotton Swab (Adhesive Type)  60 Swabs
How to take out : Open the film from the light blue cotton ball side and take out the swab.
How to use Light blue cotton balls contain adhesive.
Gently press a cotton swab against the ear or rotate the swab in the ear.
Caution Do not insert deep into the ear or nose as this may damage the eardrum or mucous membranes.
Do not allow children to use it alone.
Do not use around the eyes
Once opened, use immediately and do not reuse.
Ingredients Vinyl acetate, Acrylic ester copolymer, Cotton, Paper
Manufacturing country JAPAN

Product specification
– Target age: 0 years old~
– Material: absorbent cotton, paper shaft, adhesive
– Quantity: 60 packs
– Origin: Made in Japan

– Do not rub, tap or gently roll the swab before use