Smart Angel Baby Diapers Pants

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  • Good breathability and soft material that is gentle on the skin
  • Comes with a notification line that lets you know when it’s time to replace it at a glance
  • Gentle gathers protect against leakage

Number of sheets: (L) size 44 pieces, (XL) size 38 pieces, (XXL) size 36 pieces

Breathable and flexible material that is gentle on your skin

– The breathable outer sheet reduces stuffiness, and the inner sheet stays dry even if it leaks, and the fluffy cotton pulp makes it comfortable to wear.


Perfect fit design that prevents leakage even when moving

– The shape and gathers are designed to perfectly fit your baby’s feet.


Three-dimensional gathers firmly protect against leakage

– The gentle gathers prevent leakage. It fits perfectly to your body even when you move around.


Comes with a notification line that lets you know at a glance when it’s time to replace it.

– The color of the line will change to let you know when it is time to replace it. You can see it at a glance from the outside without having to put your hand inside your pants to check.


Product name Baby Diapers PANTS
How to dispose of the product after use  Please dispose of stools on disposable diapers in the toilet.
To avoid unhygienic conditions, roll the soiled area inside out.
Do not dispose of diapers in the toilet.
Please follow your local rules for disposal of used diapers.
Caution Soiled diapers should be changed as soon as possible.
If you feel that the product is not suitable for your baby’s skin, discontinue use.
Do not place the product in places where it will be exposed to high temperatures, such as near a heater or in direct sunlight.
Keep out of reach of babies.
Materials Non-woven polyolefin rayon, Polyolefin, Cotton pulp, Absorbent paper, Polymer absorbent, Polyurethane, Styrene-based elastomer resin, Polyethylene
Manufacturing country CHINA