Smart Angel Baby Weaning Tableware Set – 7 Pieces

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We at Smart Angel, believe in quality products that are safe, durable, attractive, and make life easier. We believe that parenting today is the most challenging job in the world. We aim to make this journey more enjoyable and less stressful for the parents. Smart Angel does so by making well-designed, premium quality products that helps parents at every stage of parenting.

  • A 7-piece set of antibacterial tableware and feeding spoons.
Product name: Baby Weaning Tableware Set 7P
Disinfection/sanitization : : ・Can be sterilized by boiling, chemical disinfection, and microwave sterilization.
・When sterilizing by boiling, fill a large pot with plenty of water and boil for 3 minutes.
・When disinfecting with chemicals, use baby-specific disinfectants.
・When sterilizing in a microwave oven, use a product designed for microwave sterilization.
Caution: ・Clean with dishwashing detergent before using for the first time.
・Keep away from fire.
・Do not subject this product to strong impact. Doing so may cause injury, deformation, or damage.
・Do not use the product for purposes other than its intended use.
Caution when using a microwave oven
for this product :
・Do not microwave without water.
・Do not use this product over an open flame, oven or grill.
・When removing this product from the microwave after heating, hold the handle as it is hot.
・Please check the label and instruction manual of the microwave oven thoroughly before use.
Materials: Polypropylene
Manufacturing country: JAPAN


Manufacturing country:JAPAN