Smart Angel Baby Bath Sponge – 2 Pieces

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Gently rub and soft, can produce fine foam, gentle and non-irritating, medium size, suitable for baby shower

Origin: Japan

We at Smart Angel, believe in quality products that are safe, durable, attractive, and make life easier. We believe that parenting today is the most challenging job in the world. We aim to make this journey more enjoyable and less stressful for the parents. Smart Angel does so by making well-designed, premium quality products that helps parents at every stage of parenting.


Product name: Baby Bath Sponge 2P
How to use: ・Apply an appropriate amount of baby body soap to a sponge and lather well before washing the body.
Caution: ・Please be careful that children do not put it in their mouths.
・Rubbing the same area too hard for too long can damage the skin or cause pigmentation.
・Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs or if t he product does not agree with your baby’s skin.
・Rinse off soap and dry well after every use.
Ingredients: Polyurethane foam
Heat-resistant temperature : 90°C
Manufacturing country: JAPAN

Heat-resistant temperature : 90°C

Manufacturing country: JAPAN


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