Bug 3-in-1 Floor & Booster Seat with Activity Tray – Bluebell

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Why Buy Me?
• Adapts as your little one grows to last from 3 months to 3 years
• Use it on the floor, as a feeding booster seat or on a dining chair
• Stable base with twist-out feet make it safe to place on the floor

“One of those baby gear items that you wonder how parents ever did without… Flawlessly designed with parent convenience and usability in mind” – Good to Know

The 3-in-1 seat that adapts as your baby grows
As much as we want those newborn cuddles to last forever, we all know that little ones don’t stay little for very long. And whilst they might wow you every day with a new milestone, we get that you don’t want to be buying new equipment every time they grow an inch or two. That’s why we design and build all of our Mamas & Papas products to last, and it’s the reason why we’ve packed our clever 3-in-1 Bug seat with features that adapt to your baby as they get bigger.

Sit up, feed & play
Once your little one has mastered supporting their own head, our Bug 3-in-1 seat gives them a safe place to sit and play, so you can keep your hands free for other things. Packed with removable and adjustable features, it even has a play tray with colourful sensory toys that’ll keep their little hands busy. The super-stable base means you can place it safely on the floor whilst they play, and it can be easily used as a booster seat for weaning. And once they’re old enough to join you at the table, Bug can be strapped to a dining chair. So, you won’t need to upgrade when it’s time to embrace those fun-filled family meals with your toddler.

Product Features
• Floor mode (3 to 12 months)
– A safe place for your baby to sit and play, giving you more freedom
– The feet can be easily twisted out using one hand, for extra stability
– Straps and buckles can be tidied away to keep them safe and clean
– Keep baby entertained with the fun play tray, including 8 interactive sensory toys
• Chair mode (6 to 12 months)
– Can be strapped to a dining chair for family mealtimes
– The removable tray can be taken off with just one hand
– Adapts to your baby with 2 adjustable tray positions
– The comfy padded insert is removable for easy cleaning
• Booster mode (12 months to 3 years)
– Handy crumb stoppers will prevent food from getting stuck when the tray’s removed
– Give your baby extra space as they grow with the removable crotch post and padded insert
– Easily take it out and about with you thanks to the carry handle


Safety Warnings:

Floor seat
• Only use on the floor
• Never leave the child unattended
• Never use on an elevated surface
• Always use the restraint system and ensure it is correctly fitted
• Do not use until your baby can support their own head
• Do not use in water
• Do not use as a car seat
• This product is intended for children who can support their own head (approx. 3 months)
• Bug must be used with the pad insert fitted when used as a floor seat

Booster seat
• Never leave the child unattended
• Always use the restraint system and ensure it is correctly fitted
• Always use the chair attachment system and ensure it is correctly fitted before use
• Always check the security and the stability of the product on the adult chair before use
• Do not use this product on stools or benches
• This product is intended for children able to sit unaided (minimum 6 months) and up to 36 months or a maximum weight of 15kg

• Prevent serious injury or death, do not use in motor vehicles

Product Includes: Bug Seat & Play Tray


Age Suitability: 3 months – 36 months approx.

Health & Safety: EN 16120:2016

Composition: Seat Pad – PU Body – PP/ABS/POM/Nylon

Care & Maintenance: Wipe clean only

Dimensions: 31 x 33.8 x 36.5cm

Weight: 3.16kg


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