Baby Clothing Size Guide

We’re committed to maintaining a great fit across all of our styles, so you can buy clothes for your child with confidence. Whether you’re looking for a coming home outfit for your newborn or occasion wear for your toddler, finding the right size doesn’t have to be tricky.

Use our handy baby clothing size guide to find the perfect fit for your little one. Please note that the sizes below refer to the baby’s body measurement, rather than the measurement of the garments. 

Height cm/in Weight kg/lbs
Tiny Baby
44cm / 17in
2.3kg / 5lbs
50cm / 20in
3.2kg / 7lbs
Up to 1 month
56cm / 22in
4.5kg / 10lbs
0-3 mths
62cm / 24.5in
6.5kg / 14lbs
3/6 mths
68cm / 26.5in
8kg / 18lbs
6/9 mths
74cms / 29in
9.5kg / 21lbs
9/12 mths
80cm / 31in
10kg / 22lbs
12/18 mths
86cm / 34.5in
11kg / 24lbs
90cm / 36in
12.5kg / 27.5lbs
98cm / 38.5in
104cm / 41in