Smart Angel Baby Food Container

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Cleans well and is hygienic!You can microwave it with the lid on!
Great deal on 10 packs of 60ml, 8 packs of 90ml, and 6 packs of 140ml containers!
Product name: Baby Food Container
Caution: ・Wash before and after use. Use a soft sponge and dishwashing detergent for cleaning.
・Do not lay the product on its side as it is not completely sealed.
・When placing hot food in a container, allow it to cool before putting the lid on.
・Do not sterilize by boiling as it may cause deformation.
・Keep away it from fire.
Caution when using a microwave oven
for this product :
・Follow the instruction manual of the microwave oven.
・Do not use this product over an open flame, oven or grill.
・When removing the container from the microwave after heating, hold the handle as the container is hot.
・Steam in the container immediately after heating is very hot, so be careful not to burn yourself when opening the lid.
Materials: Polypropylene
Heat-resistant temperature : 140°C
Cold-resistant temperature : -20°C
Manufacturing country: JAPAN

Manufacturing country:JAPAN